Name Hesperornis
Class Ava
Diet Piscivore

Hesperornis (Western Bird) was a genus of large toothy flightless seabird from the late cretaceous. its lifestyle was very similar to that of a penguin's, a flightless cormorant from the Galápagos Islands "Including some other species of cormorant" or a loon.

In the Media

  • Hesperornis Appeared in The 3rd chapter episode of Chased By Sea Monsters.
  • It also appeared in National Geographic's Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure as well as the game spinoff.
  • It even appeared in one of the episodes of Primeval Season 1.
  • It was seen in some episodes of Dinosaur Train & There's 1 Hesperornis who lives near The Big Pond named Jess.



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