Halticosaurus longotarsus
Name Halticosaurus
Order Saurischia
Suborder Theropoda
Class Sauroposida
Name Translation Long-Tarsus Nimble Lizard
Period Late Triassic Period
Location Germany
Diet Carnivore
Size 16.9 feet (5.15 metres)

Halticosaurus (meaning "nimble lizard") is a genus of theropod dinosaur from the Late Triassic period. It was a coelophysoid found in the Middle Stubensandstein formation of what is present-day Germany. Some researchers consider Halticosaurus the same genus as Liliensternus, but Samuel Welles found differences in the femoral head and the anterior trochanter.


The type species, Halticosaurus longotarsus, was based on partial jawbones and teeth, partial vertebrae, a few arm and leg bones, and fragments of an ilium, and was found mixed in with the remains of a prosauropod dinosaur, Sellosaurus gracilis. A second species assigned to this genus, "Halticosaurus orbitoangulatus", turned out to be a crocodylomorph. A third species, H. liliensterni, has been reclassified as Liliensternus.