Haenamichnus uhangriensis an ichnogenus that has been attributed to azhdarchid pterosaurs.


Haenamichnus is a pterosaur track distinguished by a slim shape, rounded heel, and the absence of large pedal claws. It is believed to have been made by an Azhdarchid pterosaur, though it is difficult to determine this definitively, given that Azhdarchid feet are not well known - the diagnosis is based on the age of the tracks, their large size, and non equal length of the digits. The trackmaker was approximately 3 meters tall and had a wingspan of 10 meters, moving in an efficient gait with limbs moving parallel to the backbone.

The gait itself was narrow, with the hands and feet regularly overlapping each other as the animal walked forward. There were soft pads on the digits and webbing in between them, though the surface area of the webbing was small and probably not suited to wading in water. Haenamichnus might have behaved like today's modern flamingos and pelicans, living in flocks and eating fish, shellfish, like clams, and other aquatic vertebrae.

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