Name Guaibasaurus
Order Saurischia
Class Guaibasauridae
Name Translation Guaiba Lizard
Period Late Triassic
Location South America
Diet Plants
Size Unknown

Guaibasaurus, (meaning "Guaiba lizard"), was a basal Saurischian dinosaur genus which lived during the Triassic period. Its fossils were found in the geopark of Paleorrota, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Like Herrerasaurus, this dinosaur had three full fingers and two vestigial ones on each hand. The type species, G. candelariai, was described by Jose Bonaparte and J. Ferigolo in 1999. Also like the Herrasaurus, the guiabasaurus is a very early dinosaur and it is not known how it relates to later dinosaur species. Only a partial skeleteon record has been discovered for the guiabasaurus.

Guiabasaurus fossil

A partial guiabasaurus skeleteon

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