Globidens was a large mosasaur with a bite force of 9.7 tons, the strongest bite of any mosasaur species. It grew up to 20 feet long and weighed 2 tons. Prognathodon, a relative of Globidens, had a strong bite as well. It is longer but not heavier. Globidens lived from 75-67 million years ago in Africa, Asia, and North America. Globiden's name means globe tooth. Globidens preyed on large armoured prey such as turtles and ammonites which would be the reason why it had such a massive bite force. Globidens would have been preyed on by larger mosasaurs where it lived and it would have not been a particularly fast swimmer. It did have scleral rings meaning that it either hunted at night, in the depths or both. This would might mean that it avoided other mosasaurs by choosing a different diet and hunting when or where other mosasaurs didn't.

Globidens was a fairly average sized mosasaur, growing up to the size of today's largest crocodiles. It would have not bothered with chasing down fast prey or ambushing its prey since armoured prey do not move very fast because of their armour so it would have had it pretty easy. It would have to be faster than its prey in order to catch them so it might have cruised at a leisurely speed of 4-5 km per hour.

Globidens had very blunt teeth which would have aided it in crushing its strong protected prey to bits. This is not common in mosasaurs seeing as they evolved to be fast, agile and tear their prey into pieces so this might say that globidens evolved to eat armoured prey because there might have been an abundance of them or it would be outcompeted by other mosasaurs had it still eaten softer, fast prey.

In popular culture

  • Globidens appeared on Dinosaur Train and his name is Emperor Globidens.


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