Giant Monsters is a two-hour American television documentary program hosted by Jeff Corwin. It aired on Animal Planet in 2003.


Jeff Corwin takes the viewer on a world-wide journey looking for the largest prehistoric animals in the world, providing information on how they lived by studying their modern-day relatives while also having run-ins with the latter's giant ancestors. Jeff also provides information on gigantism and the ups and downs it brought for these massive creatures, such as how it gave them an advantage over other animals and how it also may have been the cause of their extinction, and how we can prevent this from happening to some of the giant animals we have today.

Featured species[]


After its initial airing, the special was altered into a new version, which consisted of numerous redoings of specific scenes. These include re-shootings of certain scenes and changing or adding some pieces of dialogue and narration, which unfortunately included removing some important information in some cases on how some of the creatures presented got to their current size and how they became or may become extinct at some point, and presenting the giant creatures in a different order.