The Geologic Calendar is a method of visualizing the history of Earth scaling the 04.60 billion year history into a single calendar year for educational purposes in science education and popular science.

Using this visualization, the formation of the Earth occurred on January 01st at midnight and the current moment in history is mapped out into the last second of December 31st. At this scale, there are 145 years 315 days 17 hours 46 minutes 40 seconds per second, 8751 years 329 days 10 hours and 40 minutes per minute, 525114 years 056 days, 16 hours per hour, 12602739 years 265 days per day, 88219178 years 030 days per week, and 383333333 years 121 days 16 hours per month.

Geologic Year []

Geologic year calculated from formula:

T= 365 days * 100/4600 (1-T_Mya/4600)

Time/date Jan 01, 00:00:00.000 4600.000Mya Solar System and Earth form, Hadean Eon starts
Time/date Feb 09, 16:10:26.087 4100.000Mya Oldest Rock formation starts
Time/date Feb 17, 14:36:31.304 4000.000Mya Archean eon starts
Time/date Mar 01, 12:15:39.130 3850.000Mya Great Oxygen catastrophe starts
Time/date Mar 05, 11:28:41.739 3800.000Mya Prokaryotic life emerges on Earth
Time/date Jun 16, 15:07:49.565 2500.000Mya Siderian period begins
Time/date Jul 18, 08:52:10.435 2100.000Mya Eukaryotic life evolves on Earth and flourishes
Time/date Oct 25, 13:18:15.652 0850.000Mya Great Oxygen catastrophe ends
Time/date Nov 09, 11:05:13.043 0670.000Mya First animal life evolves and quickly diversifies
Time/date Nov 11, 14:44:20.870 0635.000Mya First saltwater sponges evolve
Time/date Nov 15, 23:28:41.739 0580.000Mya First cnidarians (jellyfish, sea anemones etc) evolve

Phanerozoic Eon and Paleozoic Era []

Time/date Nov 19, 01:44:52.174 0541.000Mya Cambrian period and Phanerozoic Eon start
Time/date Nov 19, 02:49:07.826 0540.000Mya First arthropods appear and flourish
Time date Nov 19, 22:41:44.348 0530.000Mya Fish evolve and quickly diversify
Time/date Nov 20, 08:13:02.609 0525.000Mya Vertebrates evolve and quickly diversify
Time/date Nov 20, 15:50:05.217 0521.000Mya Trilobites evolve and flourish for 271 million years
Time/date Nov 21, 10:52:41.739 0511.000Mya Crustaceans (crabs, lobsters, etc.) evolve
Time/date Nov 22, 07:49:33.913 0500.000Mya Cephalopods (squids, octopuses, cuttlefish, etc.) evolve
Time/date Nov 22, 17:20:52.174 0495.000Mya Nautiloids evolve and quickly flourish

Ordovician period []

Time/date Nov 23, 11:37:46.435 0485.400Mya Cambrian period ends, Ordovician period begins, corals and sea urchins evolve
Time/date Nov 23, 21:54:46.957 0480.000Mya Byrozoa (moss animals) evolve and diversify
Time/date Nov 24, 02:17:34.957 0477.700Mya Floian age of the Early Ordovician period begins
Time/date Nov 24, 16:57:23.478 0470.000Mya Moss and sea scorpions evolve
Time/date Nov 25, 00:00:00.000 0460.000Mya Jawed fish evolve
Time/date Nov 26, 07:02:36.522 0450.000Mya Primitive terrestrial plants and horse shoe crabs evolve, Solar System completes a little over 18 orbits around the center of the Milky Way
Time/date Nov 26, 18:51:01.565 0443.800Mya Ordovician period ends, Silurian period begins
Time/date Nov 27, 14:39:20.348 0433.400Mya Wenlock epoch of the Silurian period starts, vascular plants evolve