The U.S cover of Fossil Fighters: Champions

Fossil Fighters: Champions (スーパーカセキホリダー, Super Kaseki Horider in Japan) is the sequel to the original Fossil Fighters. It is known to have over 140 Vivosaurs, and a new function that allows players to Super Revive Vivosaurs into stronger forms. The game was released on November 18, 2010 in Japan.

The game was officially announced for a western localization in June 2011 at Nintendo's E3 presentation, and the game came out on November 18, 2011 titled as Fossil Fighters: Champions.


Fossil Fighters: Champions expands on the features present in the original Fossil Fighters and, in many cases, introducing new options as well. The player can now choose to be either a boy or a girl at the start of the game and unlike the first you are given a choice of one of four starter vivosaurs (one for each element except Neutral and Legendary. You will also be able to find that Vivosaur at Treasure Lake and Hot Spring Heights). Also you can use auto to let the game battle for you and you can rotate your team.

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