FossilFighters frontcover

North American front cover of Fossil Fighters


Fossil Fighters is a turn-base role-playing game developed by Nintendo and RED Entertainment, and Artdink.


The game starts with a young boy arriving on Vivosaur Island, a place where dinosaur fossils can be dug up. These fossils are encased in stone, and must be taken to a lab to be cleaned on the touch-screen, using drills, hammers, and x-ray. The player must be careful not to damage the fossils, or they will be destroyed. Once successfully cleaned, the dinosaur DNA can be revived into powerful dinosaur-like creatures called "Vivosaurs". The game revolves around hunting for fossils, reviving Vivosaurs, and using them to battle other Fossil Fighters to raise their rank, therefore gaining access to more areas to dig up fossils, and learning more about the mysteries of Vivosaur Island.

Fossil Fighters: Champions[]

In 2010-11, the sequel, Fossil Fighter Champions was released.

Fossil Fighters Frontier[]


In 2015-3, another sequel, Fossil Fighter Frontier was released.