Evolution of the Dinosaur


Dinosaurs are believed to have gone extinct 65.4 million years ago. But did they? New scientific theories suggest that several dinosaurs are still roaming the earth. Others say this is nonsense. But, other theories say that dinosaurs are still around, but not as you would think. Some say that dinosaurs have evolved into present day animals, like Velociraptor and the Bald Eagle share similarities to points beyond imagination. But, science continues to throw curveballs at us, and your descision is influenced only by what you believe.

Dinosauromorphs, Dinosaurifromes and Nyasasaurus evolved into Dinosaurs.

Troodon: a small and smart dinosaur.

Evolution life of dinosaurs

  • Archosaur (Dinosaurs, Pterosaurs and Crocodilans)
  • Dinosauromorph (Dinosaurs and Middle Triassic Dinosauromorphs except Nyasasaurus)
  • Dinosauriformes (Dinosaurs, Non-dinosaurian Dinosauriformes)

Evolution life for birds

  • Conodont 495-220 million years ago
  • Lamprey 420-0 Silurian-Recent
  • Lungfish 400-0 million years ago Devonian-Recent
  • Eusthenopteron 385 million years ago Devonian
  • Panderichthys 380 million years ago Devonian
  • Tiktaalik 375 million years ago Devonian
  • Ichthyostega 374 million years ago Devonian
  • Hylonomus 315 million years ago Carboniferous (Pennsylvanian)
  • Euparkeria 245 million years ago Early Triassic
  • Eoraptor 231.4 million years ago Late Triassic

    Microraptor: A small four winged gliding dinosaur.

  • Coelophysis 220 million years ago Late Triassic
  • Dilophosaurus 200 million years ago Earliest Jurassic
  • Archaeopteryx 150 million years ago Late Jurassic
  • Ichthyornis 95-85 million years ago Middle-Late Cretaceous
  • Modern Birds Latest Cretaceous-Recent
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