Temporal range: Late Permian
An artist's illustration of Euchambersia mirabilis
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Order: Therapsida
Family: Akidnognathidae
Genus: Euchambersia
Broom, 1931
Type species
Euchambersia mirabilis
Broom, 1931
Euchambersia mirabilis was a medium sized therapsid from Africa. Euchambersia might have been different from other therapsids in that it had grooves on its fangs that may have supported a venomous bite. This therapsid would have been an ambush predator, chasing down its prey in short bursts of speed before delivering a huge bite to the prey items windpipe causing asphyxiation and blood loss. Euchambersia grew up to over a metre long and 1-2 feet tall.

Its prey would have been the dicynodonts and mammal-like-reptiles in the area at the time. Euchambersia would have been one of the top predators there due to its size and possibly venomous bite.

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