Temporal range: Stenian-Tonian, 1000Ma
Scientific classification
Domain: Bacteria
Genus: Eomanu
Ozarcusmapesae et al., 2017
Type species
Eomanu menostris
Ozarcusmapseae et al, 2017

Eomanu is a dubious genus of prehistoric bacteria from the Precambrian of England. It was discovered and named by the User:Ozarcusmapseae on December 18, 2017, known from a small 3cm long algal mat. It was originally classified as a penguin capable of flight. The type species, Eomanu menostris, was also named by Ozarcusmapseae. Eomanu lived about 1 billion years ago.


  • User:Ozarcusmapseae et al. A Paleocene Penguin from England reclassified as an algal mat