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Temporal range: Late Carboniferous
An artist's illustration of Edestus
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Chondrichthyes
Subclass: Holocephali
Order: Eugeneodontida
Family: Edestidae
Genus: Edestus
Referred species
  • Edestus giganteus
  • Edestus heinrichi
  • Edestus mirus
  • Edestus minor
  • Edestus vorax

Edestus is a Eugeneodontid Holocephalid shark found worldwide during the late Carboniferous.

In Popular Culture

Edestus can also be created in the Aquatic Park of Jurassic Park: Builder. It was at first only purchasable in real-world money. Since April 30th 2016, it became a DNA tournament limited edition.

Edestus is a tournament surface creature in Jurassic World: The Game.

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