Temporal range: Cretaceous
Teeth of Dwardius woodwardi
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Chondrichthyes
Subclass: Elasmobranchii
Superorder: Selachimorpha
Order: Lamniformes
Family: Otodontidae
Genus: Dwardius
Siverson, 1999
Referred species
  • Dwardius siversoni (Zhelezko, 2000)
  • Dwardius sudindicus (Underwood et al., 2011)
  • Dwardius woodwardi (Hermann, 1977)

Dwardius is an extinct genus of otodontid sharks which existed during the Cretaceous period in what is now Australia, England, France, and India. It was described by Mikael Siverson in 1999, as a new genus for the species Cretalamna woodwardi, which had been described by J. Hermann in 1977. Another species, D. siversoni, was described from the middle Albian of northeastern France by V.I. Zhelezko in 2000; the species epithet honours the author of the genus. A new species, D. sudindicus, was described by Charlie J. Underwood, Anjali Goswami, G.V.R. Prasad, Omkar Verma, and John J. Flynn in 2011, from the Cretaceous of India.

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