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Temporal range: Late Cretaceous
An artist's illustration of Dromiceiomimus brevitertius
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Order: Saurischia
Suborder: Theropoda
Family: Ornithomimidae
Genus: Dromiceiomimus
Russell, 1972
Referred species
  • Dromiceiomimus brevitertius (Parks, 1926) (type)

Dromiceiomimus was an Ornithomimosaur of the late Cretaceous, 80-65 mya. It had a large brain and large eyes, and long, slender legs.

Founded in the plains of North America, the Dromiceiomimus was the fastest dinosaur, running at speeds of up to 40-50 mph. It was an omnivore with a basic diet of insects and vegetation, and occasionally would eat small rodents or lizards.

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