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Dinotopia is a book series, short television series and a movie about a strange island with talking dinosaurs. The book was filled with colorful pictures and, unlike most novels, less text. The dinosaurs acted like people and lived among them in society. All dinosaurs were like this except for the Tyrannosaurus and the Giganotosaurus.

The title "Dinotopia" ironically means terrible place. In the book a character states this; this shows that the author might of purposely made the title ironic to the books theme which is a utopian society with dinosaurs.

List of Books

  • Dinotopia: A Land Apart from Time
  • Dinotopia: The World Beneath
  • Dinotopia: First Flight
  • Dinotopia: Journey to Chandara
  • The Hand of Dinotopia
  • Dinotopia Lost



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