Dental diagram

Cross section of a theropod tooth

Not much is known about the development of Dinosaur teeth since most dinosaur teeth found have fully erupted into the jaw.

Initiation stage[]

This is the stage where the tooth first forms microscopically.

Bud stage[]

The bud stage is when a small bud shaped tooth can be seen.

Cap stage[]

This stage is when the first cells form in the tooth bud. During the late cap stage, enamel and dentine start to form.

Bell stage[]


The missing teeth on this dinosaur's jaw (genus Yoshi) are due to them being in different stages such as Cap and Initiation

Early Bell stage[]

This is when the tooth has histodifferentiation and morphodifferentiation. It takes on the shape of a bell in this stage.

late bell stage[]

This is the stage when the bell shaped tooth's enamel and dentin become visible.

Tooth eruption[]

Then, the teeth srart to erupt into the jaw and even dinosaurs had an infinite amount of tooth sets.

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