Dinosaur King

Dinosaur King is a television series based on the Japanese beetle-fighting arcade game Mushiking, but uses dinosaurs instead of beetles. It is made by SEGA, who also created MushikingLove and Berry and Sonic the Hedgehog. Eventually, it became a popular anime. And with the popularity of the anime and the arcade game, SEGA and Upper Deck decided to build a trading card game around it, as well as a DS Game. To accompany the anime, a manga adaption has been made. It was announced that LPGozzzi is currently making a game titled Dinosaur Kingdom. It was planned to be released near the end of December 2022 but was delayed due to a sabotage. As of now it is still in progress.


The dinosaurs are divided into six elemental groups lighning, wind, grass, water, fire and earth. The big carnivores are fire elements, the sauropods and spinosaurids are water elements, the ceratopsians are are lightning elements, the thyreophorans are the earth elements, the hadrosaurs are grass elements and the medium theropods are dinosaurs elements. Pterosaurs, marine reptiles, smaller scale dinosaurs, and massive sauropods like Seismosaurus and Supersaurus serve as assistant move cards. There are 72 dinosaurs in total. While there are 55 normal type moves, 11 moves for the six elements, and 21 secret in total which makes it 142 move cards in total. The six elements form a "circle" making one dinosaur stronger/weaker to another. However, the dinosaurs are a nonadvantage to all other’s elements along themselves, this also applies for the move cards. The secret dinosaurs are the seven (but unofficial) elements with unique powers and moves.

The Secret Dinosaurs are the (technically unofficial) seventh elements, but are rather unique powers when compared to the normal dinosaurs. They don't have their own stone tablets because they have been created by scientific experimentation but despite this the cards are still summonable via the stones. Each of the Secret Dinosaurs are bestowed 3 move cards, although they don’t technically have any due to their dinosaur card and the move card being merged. Each individual move card have themes based on the dinosaur, except for the Megalosaurus whose moves are randomly based on telekinesis. Every Secret Dinosaur has the ability to generate a blinding rainbow-light aura within their bodies, almost like looking at the sun


Max Taylor - The unofficial leader of the D-Team. Much like his father, a paleontologist, he loves dinosaurs and will do anything in his power to protect them from the forces of evil along with his friends. He’s oftenly childish, happy go-lucky and clumsy. He also tends to be reckless and he sometimes argues with Rex, but always works out later on.

Rex Owen - Rex is Max's best friend and lived with him for a while, until he found his biological birth parents who are actually from the future. He’s the more calmed and quiet type, unlike Max. Sometimes they argue with each other but always works out at the end.

Zoe Drake - A D-Team member and the only girl within the group. She oftenly bosses the boys around taking charge as if she’s the boss, similar to Ursula. And she’s boy crazy, but only showing interest in higher class people like football players and TV host. She’s also into fashion.

Dr. Taylor- Max’s father a paleontologist. He is best friends with Dr. Owen who is Rex’s adoptive father.

Dr. Z - the leader of the group and the notorious megalomaniac that intends a worldwide takeover with dinosaurs to be the ''Dinosaur King'', he’s obsessed with all things dinosaur related. He’s very short tempered and stubborn.

Ursula - The ''Queen'' of the Alpha Gang trio with a bossy and hot tempered personality. She’s really obsessed with fashion. Ursula can be sneaky, crafty, dirty and cunning sometimes even more than her brothers Zander and Ed. Ursula is seemingly implied to have super hearing as seen when she goes berserk after someone says old lady no matter how far.

Zander - The brains of the Alpha Gang trio but his plans usually go haywire. He falls in love with Zoe’s sister Reese.

Ed - They shyest member, constantly eating and sometimes jinxes the group. He’s also not the smartest which is usually seen when he doesn’t understand Ursula’s sarcasm.

Helga - The robotic maid for the Alpha Gang. Helga is a very strict and high demanding to the point that she scares everyone, except Seth. If she spots any child she’ll drag them to studying. Despite her horrid nature, she cares deeply for her Alpha Gang members.

Rod and Laura - Siblings and grandchildren of Dr.Z. They’re always together usually playing or studying, even though they get bored of it. Rod and Laura sometimes help in the dinosaur mission. They can be quite crafty at times even outsmarting they’re opponents.

Seth - A former member of the Alpha Gang and the Spectral Space Pirates and the darkest member compared to the A-Team. He’s usually quiet and mellow, showing little to no emotion.

Spectre - A megalomaniacal alien that determined to find the cosmo stones to destroy the universe and rule it

Gabro - One of Spectre's minions.

Foolscap - Another One of Spectre's minions.

Sheer - A minion of Spectre, and the only female.

Species of Dinosaurs[]

Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Scrapped/Video Games[]

List of season 1 episodes[]

  1. Prehistory in the Making (Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus)
  2. Battle at the Pyramids (Carnotaurus, Parasaurolophus and Spinosaurus)
  3. Tanks a Lot! (Saichania)
  4. Bungle in the Jungle (Saltasaurus)
  5. Rubble Trouble (Carcharodontosaurus)
  6. Don't Mess with Maiasaura (Maiasaura)
  7. A Game Show Showdown (Utahraptor)
  8. Maui Owie! (Styracosaurus)
  9. Dino Snore! (Ankylosaurus)
  10. Downtown Runaround (Ceratosaurus and Pteranodon)
  11. Alpha Bets It All (Suchomimus)
  12. Alpha's Zeta Point
  13. Escape from Zeta Point
  14. Child's Play (Pachycephalosaurus)
  15. Volcanic Panic (Acrocanthosaurus)
  16. All Fired Up!
  17. Field of Screams (Altirhinus)
  18. Dance Evolution (Daspletosaurus)
  19. The Big Apple Grapple (Seismosaurus)
  20. Tee'd Off (Supersaurus)
  21. No Free Lunch (Euoplocephalus)
  22. Just Plane Crazy (Megaraptor)
  23. A Loch Ness Mess (Amargasaurus)
  24. Fashion Victims (Anchiceratops)
  25. A Miner Disaster (Futabasaurus)
  26. Double or Nothing
  27. Carnival of Chaos
  28. Daddy Dearest (Therizinosaurus)
  29. Rhino or Dino? (Torosaurus)
  30. Dinosaur Amour! (Saurolophus)
  31. Temple Tempest (Pawpawsaurus)
  32. Falls Alarm! (Baryonyx)
  33. Battle Royale! (Deltadromeus)
  34. Ninja Nightmare! (Deinonychus)
  35. Ruff and Ready (Iguanodon)
  36. Metal Imbalance (Velociraptor)
  37. Dueling Dinos (Saurophaganax)
  38. Mythical Mix-Up (Stegosaurus)
  39. Beast or Famine (Mapusaurus)
  40. A Mesozoic Mess (Allosaurus)
  41. Lights, Camera, Destruction! (Pentaceratops)
  42. Planes, Trains, and Dinosaurs (Ampelosaurus)
  43. Vaccination Vacation
  44. A Kyoto Caper (Fukuisaurus)
  45. Santa Saurus! (Megalosaurus)
  46. Full Scheme Ahead
  47. Tricks of the Traitor
  48. One Final Move
  49. Dinosaur War!

List of season 2 episodes[]

  1. Alien Parent Trap (Torvosaurus)
  2. Ancient Roman Holiday
  3. Desperately Seeking Spartacus (Shunosaurus and Majungasaurus)
  4. Coliseum Clash
  5. There's No Place Like Rome (Yangchuanosaurus and Piatnitzkysaurus)
  6. Dinosaurs of the Caribbean (Edmontonia and Diceratops)
  7. X-Treme Map Quest
  8. High Sea Chase (Jobaria and Ophthalmosaurus)
  9. Amazing Treasure Race!
  10. Four Part Harmony (Shantungosaurus and Tupuxuara)
  11. Elements of Surprise
  12. Monk in the Middle (Achelousaurus)
  13. The Third Cosmos Stone (Lanzhousaurus)
  14. Two Shoguns Are Better Than One (Gojirasaurus)
  15. The No-Fun Shogun
  16. Dinosaurs, Ninjas and Bears! Oh My!
  17. There's No Business Like Shogun Business (Tuojiangosaurus)
  18. The 39 Thieves (Afrovenator and Isisaurus)
  19. Desert Heat (Pachyrhinosaurus and Anhanguera)
  20. Princess of the City (Lexovisaurus)
  21. Malice in the Palace
  22. The French Conniption (Rajasaurus)
  23. The Wee Musketeers
  24. All for One
  25. The Haunted Hunt
  26. Bad Deal
  27. The Forestfire Effect (Brontosaurus and Microraptor)
  28. The Search for the Last Cosmos Stone (Cryolophosaurus and Woolly Mammoth)
  29. Clash for the Cosmos Stones
  30. Fate of the Cosmos


  • Some of the dinosaurs such as Lanzhousaurus summoned at the place that the dinosaur was discovered at.
  • The voice actor of Max was the voice of Ash Ketchum, while the voice actress of Ursula was Jessie, both of which are characters from Pokémon.
  • The roars of the dinosaurs are different when compared to other TV versions such as, English, Japanese, and 4 Kids.
  • The Water, and Secret types are the only groups that share multiple dinosaur families instead of just one.
    • The Water types share spinosaurs and sauropods. And the Secret dinosaurs can come from literally any family tree.
  • The dinosaurs can be summoned without a Stone Tablet only by touching a physical manifestation of their respective Elements. However, they will act wild and become uncontrollable unless they’re befriended or decide to obey. The dinosaurs can be controlled with advanced technology without the need to befriend them.