The recorded history of Dinopedia began in late 2021. All before this is mostly lost, or known to various users.

2005 - 2015: The Beginning

Little is documented from this time, and that which we have is in tiny fragments. A user by the name of Lemniwinks created the wiki some point before September 23rd, 2006. We thank them for creating our community. On September 23rd, 2006, the first page of the wiki was created, and on September 26th, the main page itself was created by a nameless user, and subsequently edited by one of the founders of wikia, Angela.

After this, the history is blurred, but from an article called Dinopedia:About, a small passage recovered by Carnotaur tells about those years:

“Dinopedia was created on April 5, 2005 by a currently unknown user. Until mid-2007, all edits made to the wiki came from anonymous contributors, users and occasionally Wikia staff members. However, in mid-2007, former staff member Angela gave Syugecin administrative rights upon request. He was later joined by CoolJ7, GentleBenand then Mattkenn3, all of whom aided in expanding the wiki. In September 2009, T-Rex 882 joined the wiki and subsequently plastered the wiki with links to another dinosaur-related wiki. His actions immediately resulted in warnings from the local administrators, not only for his edits on Dinopedia but also for the totalitarian policies that he and his friends created on his own wiki. However, soon after, T-Rex 882 adopted the wiki and then granted the Dino Wiki administrators admin rights on this wiki. T-Rex and the other administrators remained on Dinopedia until they became inactive in 2010. However, CoolJ7 still managed the wiki until Justisaurus arrived and was rewarded with administrator status for his edits. In 2014, he was joined by Jacksonwarrier, who has since become the user with the most edits made. In January 2015, Dinopedia showcased their first wordmark and official logo, created by Lythronax. As of March 2015, the wiki's interface is being revised. Also in March, The Dinosaur rules was made an administrator. OverlordRocks is now an admin, by taking place of Syugecin.”

The oldest known instance of a user deleting a page was when Syugecin deleted a file by the name of "File:Wikilogo.jpg" on June 4th 2007.

Mid 2015 to Early 2017

On April 6th of 2015, Lythronax made a page for new palaeontological discoveries. The first news was about Carnufex, a crocodylomorph recently discovered at that time. On September 16th, 2016 MemoryAngel was promoted to bureaucratic rank.

Mid 2017 - 2019

During 2017, the Discussions board was officially released to Dinopedia for the first time, as it was still a new thing back then. Not much is known, other than very few people actually went to the new forum.

As well, there are the first 10 posts in the forum that were found by Savage Almond, giving some information from this poorly-known period:


Jacksonwarrier, an Administrator, became completely inactive since May 27th of that year.

On March 17th, 2018, the user Countmustard made two 2017 News sections for the new page. Unfortunately after that, the page was completely forgotten and abandoned since then.


Since 2020, all that can be known of, is that the Dragnor, 12 The Irritator, Concaventor Wrangler, Titanosaurus80, MemoryAngel, Logo8th, Ultravillers, Tytopastry, OdysseusKnight, Kelbeam, and other administrators/moderators inherited the Wiki, most becoming inactive. MemoryAngel was the only active Bureaucrat, but became mostly absent during the latter months of 2021. During this time, the Wiki became a member of a partnership with the Jurassic Park Wiki, which shared many of each other’s users.

Early to Mid 2021

During July 8, 2021, a new user by the name of "You-are-umsou2Return-ofUmsou" came to this wiki, however, his time here would be short. His first post (later deleted by 12 the Irritator) would contain him talking about obscure documentaries, in broken English. It wasn't much harm until he committed the infamous act of making a ridiculous amount of 15 posts in a single day. This massively exceeded the maximum allowed number of posts, which was 3 back then (now it has been changed to 4). Kelbeam, Shi468, and some others, urged him to stop. He persisted, and would not stop clogging the discussions board, as he would make 18 more posts the next day. The dragnor, Irritator, Concaventor Wrangler, and other moderators would delete the posts, trying clean up the mess. Umsou would make extremely strange posts, such as off-topic posts regarding things like prisoner’s last meals, copying and pasting Wikipedia text for absolutely no reason, asking people to identify what dinosaurs were on an image, and even sending death threats for asking him to stop spamming. His final reply would be "Or bunny" (in a now deleted post which cannot be seen), right before he was finally banned by the Dragnor, and it was a permanent one. Shi468 was about to leave due to Umsou's spam, but would confirm he would stay due to Umsou's block.

Late 2021 - 2022

During 2021, around October, Dinopedia suddenly had one of moderators, Kelbeam, globally banned. This had to do with a conflict on the Jurassic Park Wiki, involving a Fandom Staff member, a spammer, angry users, and the Wiki staff. It ended in some of the users being banned who were also Dinopedia members.

Another thing of note was the user Dinosaurs20, made many pages for a time, but was criticized for their lackluster content and somewhat pointlessness.

‘SpinozillaAegypticus was blocked for a year in October, but eventually unblocked a month after his ban due to the admins being merciful on him.

Toward the end of 2021, in December, Carnotaur arrived from the Jurassic Park Wiki (after being demoted from Buraeucrat), and was soon promoted to Moderator by the Dragnor. At this point, the community had seen an issue with too many moderators, Carnotaur and soon Savage Almond being recent additions.

January 2022 - March 2022

Starting in January, Carnotaur wished to fix the issue, as well as the Wiki’s theme, Top-navigation, and the guidelines, seeing as they were unkept and messy or old, and began working with the older staff to fix the problems. First came the issue with too many staff members. After demoting inactive staff, and contacting nearly-inactive moderators, the team worked on reforming the staff setup.

Two main goals were present: make the Dragnor the new Bureaucrat, and Concaventor Wrangler an Admin. In this attempt, however, the old Bureaucrat, MemoryAngel, returned and promoted most of the staff to admins, and eventually Dragnor to Bureaucrats. This caused a new concern with still too many staff, now in the form of Admins.

February 14th, 2022: The Day Of Ascension

On February 14th, 2022, all admins were promoted to bureaucratic status, and began to refer to themselves as “The Holy Six”.

Soon after, the Staff were worked on revising the guidelines to make them more up to date. This took several days, but soon it was done, and the Categories we’re aligned with the new guidelines revision. Finally, Carnotaur made a new dark theme and fixed the Top-navigation. The Dragnor also began working on cleaning up the pages of the Wiki.

This history wall was made on January 24th, 2022, and began to record Dinopedia’s history.

The issue of the disorder of staff was fixed when Carnotaur and Palaeontologica asked to be demoted to Moderators, joining the others, putting it to an end. The final listing was two Bureaucrats, four Administrators, and five Moderators, eleven staff in total. At this point, the Wiki was rising from its former state. Finally, the user SomewhatInked was promoted to moderator some time later. This problem did not end, for later in February, MemoryAngel promoted several users to Bureaucrat and Administrator status. The Wiki went into a tizzy trying to demote the users, all while others were being appointed. The situation came to a head, and things finally calmed down, with another list of Staff being chosen upon.

On February 15th, Memory Angel suggested that the Galleries be deleted, as they were unnecessary. Dubbed the "Gallerian Purge", a mass deletion of the galleries occured.

During that year on February 16th, Savage Almond rediscovered an old relic.

It was thought that it would probably take a week to finish deleting them all, but the galleries were reduced to less than two hundred within just two days. It is estimated that the purge has caused a whopping amount of over a thousand pages deleted. With the combined efforts of Savage Almond, Somewhat Inked (He later used his old account Very Inked), 12 the Irritator, Titanosaurus80, Memory Angel, Palaeontologica, Kelbeam, The dragnor, and PowerLord23, all the Galleries were finally deleted.

On February 24, 2022, a post on the Community Central discussion board was made by Savage Almond, asking if there's a way to find the creator of a wiki. As soon as all hope was about to be lost once it was realized that there isn't any way to find the founder, a fandom council member by the username of Nekky-Chan confirmed that Lemniwinks was the founder of Dinopedia. It was also revealed that Lemniwinks was demoted by Merrystar in September 16th 2016 due to inactivity, and also from MemoryAngel adopting the wiki, as part of the adoption process. This also explained why he/she didn't show up in the User Rights log. It was also around this time that the mod Carnotaur, who was highly revered by the community, went inactive.

March 15th, 2022: The Dinopedia Civil War

On March 15th, 2022, a demotion vote was held on the Dinopedia discord for three staff members. They decided to go through with the demotions, but the bureaucrats received severe backlash for demoting said users, in addition to various users leaving the wiki after an argument over the demotions occured. In retaliation, another demotion vote was held by the users of dinopedia to demote the bureaucrat they blamed for the demotions. The Wiki Manager was contacted, and told the staff and users that they couldn’t build a community by warring with each other and trying to get each other demoted. And so, the three staff that had been demoted were reinstated to their previous positions, and the bureaucrats remained in there’s. This marks one of the greatest and largest wiki wide arguments in the history of the wiki, and caused some users to almost leave the wiki entirely. In fact, a long term member of the staff team, Powerlord23, ended up leaving Dinopedia indefinitely.

March 17th, 2022: The Day Of Descension/The Great Reversion

On this date, a vote made Very Inked by was held for all staff on the wiki, deciding whether or not to revert the staff base to the way it was before the January promotions By doing this, they hoped to end the drama that had been more prevalent since the January promotions. All staff voted yes, and so the ranks of various staff were reverted to the way they were before the January promotions. This marked the end of the Days Of Ascension.

The Moderator Elections (April 2022)

On March 29th, the staff decided to start holding Moderator Elections. There would be certain requirements to run for the rank, and certain requirements to vote. Everyone would have 6 days to announce their candidacy and make a post about why they should be moderator, and the election would be held on April 4th. The staff agreed to this, and the first Dinopedia Moderator elections began. Another important event that happened around this time was the demotion of the bureaucrat MemoryAngel, who self demoted themself and left the wiki. On April 5th, after a tiebreaker poll, Acrocanthosaurus Atokensis was elected as the new moderator.

The Concaventor Wrangler drama

Around April 3rd, a poll was put up to find out whether or not to block and demote a member of staff, Concaventor Wrangler. The majority of the agreed to block him, and so it happened. Concaventor was blocked and demoted from his position as mod. An instant uproar came from some of the users and staff, such as the leading bureaucrat Dragnor, who eventually dragged the issue onto Concaventor's wiki. Some users attempted to get Wrangler blocked after a possible ban evasion, but there was not enough evidence. In the midst of all this, a moderator, Very Inked, requested administrator rights to fill in the gap left by Wrangler. His application was accepted. Dragnor then unblocked Wrangler, saying he had improved his behavior, but another admin, Palaeontologica, reblocked him. A few hours later an agreement was made to unblock Wrangler, but keep him demoted. He would also be on his last chance. So thus Wrangler was unblocked and swore he would do his very best not to get into trouble again.

The Blocking Spree

On April 8th, drama occurred on the Jurassic Park wiki involving a corrupt admin. Many users who were also members of Dinopedia along with JP wiki were globally blocked by Fandom staff for several days. This included a few Dinopedia staff as well.

The Fall

On the 12th of April, as a result of the drama on the Jurassic Park Wiki, some of the users involved decided to leave Fandom altogether. Under the impression that he had caused them to leave, bureaucrat The Dragnor stepped down from his position. In his place, the new bureaucrat system was born: 12 the Irritator and Titanosaurus80 were now the sole bureaucrats. Returning from his departure, user Very Inked called for a total reform of the rules and administrative policies, which were implemented in the 14th. Another admin who has left, Palaeontologica, decided to rejoin. On April 20th, Firekong1, a long time editor, known by the community for his general ignorance, was blocked temporarily for repeated offenses, causing instant applause from many community members.

Around this time, a moderator, Acrocanthosaurus Atokensis, was globally blocked for three months after an incident on Jurassic Park wiki.


Following users not adhering to the new guidelines, Very Inked left the wiki. Soon after, Titanosaurus80 and 12 The Irritator left as well. This left the wiki with no bureaucrats and extremely few admins. MemoryAngel was repromoted, which prompted PowerLord to leave the wiki. And then MemoryAngel ragequit the wiki yet again after backlash.

Dinopedia then entered a dead state, with many important users gone for good and nothing interesting happening. Very Inked would still pop in occasionally to edit or respond to messages, as did Palaeontologica, but nothing large happened until an argument started on one of the posts by the user Lamborlolator. Concaventor Wrangler was blocked after the argument, but after going to Fandom staff, his block was shortened. The users Beagliam, Ti58, and Lamborlolator were all blocked temporarily as well.
After that, some light drama would occur from time to time, but Dinopedia was still a dead, toxic, shell of what it used to be.

One notable event in mid May was the unblock of Firekong1, after the mod Man with no name or life convinced Very Inked that the initial block reason was unfair.


  • Lemniwinks did not create the main page; they created the wiki itself and left shortly after for unknown reasons.
  • Syugecin is likely the first user to be promoted to admin on the wiki, as well as the first user to be promoted to bureaucrat who was not the founder of the wiki.
  • The Gallerian Purge is but a small part of a much larger effort to delete all pages and media of inaccuracy from the wiki, which is aptly referred to as the “Inaccuracy Purge”.
  • Many users would consider June-September as the Golden Age of Dinopedia, with the return of MemoryAngel in late December as the beginning of the end. A period in mid-late January is also considered a Golden Age, with many spinwheels, art, etc.