Dinopedia is intended to be an entirely factual wiki; it is meant to be seen as an online dinosaur encyclopedia. Because of this, we do not accept articles about fictional dinosaurs or animals from television shows, film or literature.

Due to the large amount of make-believe dinosaurs in the media, we are strict about this policy as we worry that the fictitious articles may outweigh the non-fictional content.

Articles that are not allowed

  • Articles about one specific fictional animal are not allowed. For example, individual characters from The Land Before Time or We're Back! A Dinosaur Story are disallowed.
  • Articles about made-up dinosaur genera are not allowed. Articles for animals such as Indominus rex or the Tree Creepers will be deleted on sight.

Articles that are allowed

On Dinopedia, we only allow articles about the franchise or films from said franchises. Articles about Jurassic Park or Primeval are allowed because the show or film is real while their content is not.

"In popular culture" sections on articles

The popular culture sections in articles are intended to be used as a means of detailing how animals are depicted in literature or filmography. It is not, however, intended to be used as a trivia list to show instances of the article's subject being the "monster of the week" in a show.