Each article on Dinopedia has a comment section at the bottom. According to Wikia, these sections are intended to used to point out mistakes in an article, grammatical or syntax errors or discussing changes to an article. We here at Dinopedia intend to use comment sections in this way.

Comments that we allow

  • Comments highlighting factual errors in certain sections of or throughout an article. Has someone added an incorrect measurement or categorized the article wrong?
  • Comments correcting a grammatical or syntax error in a template or in the article itself. Has someone used the incorrect version of "your"? Is there any wikitext code visible in the article?
  • Comments nominating an article as a candidate for deletion, etc.. You are allowed to discuss an article's status in the comments.

Comments that we do not allow

  • Comments about the article's subject. The Forum is the most appropriate place for discussion about palaeozoology and non-wiki chat.
  • Comments stating that one animal can beat another animal in a hypothetical confrontation. A major example of this is the ongoing argument about who would win in a fight between Tyrannosaurus rex or Spinosaurus. We do not allow these types of comments because they almost always end up in a large argument and can clog up an article's comment section.
  • Comments stating a personal opinion about the topic's subject. Saying that you find a certain animal creepy or terrifying is not acceptable and is considered as spam.
  • Comments that are not structured correctly or is written in a foreign language. Dinopedia is an English-language wiki; we try to keep grammar to a very high standard. If you want to comment in a different language, we recommend creating a foreign Dinopedia wiki.
  • Comments with unnecessary or an excessive amount of images and/or videos. Images are allowed if they provide context. However, comments with a large amount of unneeded images will be classed as spam.

These types of comments are better suited to the Special:Forum.