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Categories are a major aspect of a wiki. They help organize information and separate them into separate, albeit relevant, groups. Dinopedia's categorization system is no different, except that we have a few rules and criteria for categories, and categorizing articles, files and templates.

How Dinopedia views categories

Here at Dinopedia, we view categories like a cladogram. At the root of all categories, we have Dinopedia, our base. They then branch off into different groups and the categories at the end of branch contain appropriate material.

Article categorization

Articles on Dinopedia need to be categorized correctly. Ideally, only a few categories should be used on a single article, unless the article needs a large amount of them.

  • Please do not over-categorize; only use specific categories which are relevant to an article. Refrain from adding lots of categories to an article, hoping that at least a few are correct - we consider this badge-farming.
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