The official Dinopedia wordmark (made by Lythronax), which has been in use since January 2015.

Dinopedia is a free, not-for-profit wiki hosted by Wikia which provides information on the many kinds of prehistoric fauna and flora.

Anyone can edit, regardless to whether or not they have signed up, however registered users are able to perform more actions than anonymous users. Administrators, bureaucrats, moderators and rollback also have special rights which are inaccessible to regular users.


Dinopedia was created on April 5, 2005 by a currently unknown user. Until mid-2007, all edits made to the wiki came from anonymous contributors, users and occasionally Wikia staff members. However, in mid-2007, former staff member Angela gave Syugecin administrative rights upon request. He was later joined by CoolJ7, GentleBen and then Mattkenn3, all of whom aided in expanding the wiki.

In September 2009, T-Rex 882 joined the wiki and subsequently plastered the wiki with links to another dinosaur-related wiki. His actions immediately resulted in warnings from the local administrators, not only for his edits on Dinopedia but also for the totalitarian policies that he and his friends created on his own wiki. However, soon after, T-Rex 882 adopted the wiki and then granted the Dino Wiki administrators admin rights on this wiki.

T-Rex and the other administrators remained on Dinopedia until they became inactive in 2010. However, CoolJ7 still managed the wiki until Justisaurus arrived and was rewarded with administrator status for his edits. In 2014, he was joined by Jacksonwarrier, who has since become the user with the most edits made.

In January 2015, Dinopedia showcased their first wordmark and official logo, created by Lythronax. As of March 2015, the wiki's interface is being revised. Also in March, The Dinosaur rules was made an administrator. OverlordRocks is now an admin, by taking place of Syugecin.

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