Dino Pets App

Dino Pets is an app made by MIniclip Games in 2013

This has a large variety of dinosaurs to buy with "coins", and "diamonds" to take care of. Collect coins from the dinosaurs. There are 30 levels, each level you earn coins and gems and can buy new dinosaurs, and decorations.

The animals featured are:

DiplodocusDilophosaurus,  Triceratops,  Velociraptor,  Inostrancevia, Gorgonopsid,  Dimorphodon Pterosaur,  Corythosaurus,  Thalassodromeus Pterosaur,  Allosaurus,  Dunkleosteus Fish,  Nyctosaurus Pterosaur,  Hovasaurus,  Diplocaulus Amphibian,  Epidendrosaurus,  Pteranodon Pterosaur,  Stegosaurus,  Pterodaustro Pterosaur,  Carnotaurus,  Epidexipteryx,  Kronosaurus Pliosaur,  Brachiosaurus,  Shonisaurus Ichthyosaur,  Suchomimus,  Ampelosaurus,  Archaeopteryx,  Elasmosaurus Plesiosaur,  Tyrannosaurus,  Iguanodon,  Tapejara Pterosaur,  Spinosaurus,  Tylosaurus Mosasaur,  Tanystropheus Reptile,  Postosuchus Archosaur,  Quetzalcoatlus Pterosaur,  Diabloceratops,  Helicoprion Fish,  Lariosaurus Nothosaur,  Longisquama Reptile,  Edmontonia,  Titanichthys Fish,  Coahuilaceratops,  Concavenator,  Ornithochierus Pterosaur,  Deinonychus,  Stygimoloch,  Dimetrodon Pelycosaur,  Ankylosaurus,  Dorygnathus Pterosaur,  Compsognathus,  Keratocephalus Mammal-Like Reptile,  Utatsusaurus Ichthyosaur,  Edmontosaurus,  Amargasaurus, and  Sordes Pterosaur.

There are also a few mythical dinosaurs to create or buy with diamonds. Dilophodocus Triceraptor Bractosaurus Dunkledaustro Allocaulus Elasmojara Stegotaurus Tylotropheus Diablosaurus Rex Heliontonia Coahuipteryx Coahuisuchus Spinochierus Quetzaloch Mixostrancievia Ankygnathus Compsquama Spitsusaurus Keratodes

There are some similarities between a few of the dinosaurs in this app and other dinosaurs from other media

The Spinosaurus is similar to the one in Jurassic Park 3 The Postosuchus is similar to the one in Walking With Dinosaurs