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Cristatusaurus is a genus of spinosaurid dinosaur. It was found in Africa, and may have coexisted with its larger relative Suchomimus. It may have grown to sizes of about 30-33 feet (9-10 meters) although it is not certain whether this is adult size. Even if this is adult size, it is still a very large carnivore and would have been one of the top predators in the region. Its diet probably consisted of fish, pterosaurs, other smaller dinosaurs, and possibly crocodillians such as juvenile/subadult Sarcosuchus.

Cristatusaurus is not very well known. It is possible that it has never appeared in any pop culture. Despite this, it is just as amazing as any other dinosaur. It probably lived in the shadow of Suchomimus, but was far from the bottom of the food chain. Animals such as Kryptops and Eocarcharia were most likely smaller, and may have relied on scavenging some of the kills of predators like Suchomimus, Cristatusaurus, and the massive relative of crocodiles, Sarcosuchus (it is not a true crocodile technically). Of course, these smaller predators would also hunt for themselves but would need to scavenge as well to survive, especially Kryptops.
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