Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs, is a 2008 dinosaur battle game created by Ubisoft for the Nintendo DS. The basic gamplay uses the touchscreen to allow the player to control one of 26 species of dinosaur

. By approaching another Dinosaur, you go into battle with the dinosaur. In battle, you can use moves such as
Combat of Giants Dinosaurs Cover
'Jaw Hit' and 'Tail Hit' to damage your opponent. How fast you draw over a line on the touch screen while timed decides how much damage you do to your opponent. Upon defeating your opponent, you can either get eggs or nothing at all. Eggs are used to upgrade yor dinosaur in the grotto. 

The dinosaurs are divided into six classes, each with a bonus in one of three statistical areas. Ravenous predators and vicious predators receive an attack bonus, witty scavengers and horned territorials receive a speed bonus and long necks and mighty tanks receive a defense bonus. The player chooses the dinosaur's name, species and color at the beginning. The stylus is used to move and ward off other dinosaurs (in level 2 and above only) In 2009, a lone extension of the game was released on Nintendo DsiWare, titled 'Combat of Giants Dinosaurs: Fight for Survival', which included some new dinosaurs and snow environments. Also In 2010, a sequel was released for the Nintendo Wii, titled 'Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs Strike'. In 2011, a new entry to the series, titled 'Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D' was released for the Nintendo 3DS. In 2012, ubisoft announced their discontinuation of the 'Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs' series. There are also non-dinosaur 'Combat of Giants' games. These include 'Combat of Giants: Mutant Insects' and 'Combat of Giants: Dragons'

Playable Dinosaurs[]

Ravenous Predators:

Vicious Predators:

Witty Scavengers:

Horned Territorials:

Long Necks:

Mighty Tanks: