The Cenomanian is, in the ICS'geological timescale, the oldest or earliest age of the Late Cretaceous epoch or the lowest stage of the Upper Cretaceous series.[1] An age is a unit of geochronology: it is a unit of time; the stage is a unit in the stratigraphic column deposited during the corresponding age. Both age and stage bear the same name.

As a unit of geologic time measure, the Cenomanian age spans the time between[2] 100.5 ± 0.9 Ma and 93.9 ± 0.8 Ma (million years ago). In the geologic timescale it is preceded by the Albianand is followed by the Turonian.

The Cenomanian is coeval with the Woodbinian of the regional timescale of the Gulf of Mexico and the early part of the Eaglefordian of the regional timescale of the US East Coast.

At the end of the Cenomanian an anoxic event took place, called theCenomanian-Turonian boundary eventor the "Bonarelli Event", that is associated with a minor extinction event for marine species.

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