Thecodonts (meaning "socket-teeth") are an extinct race of archosaurs closely related to modern
-day crocodile, except they walked with much more upright legs and were mostly terrestrial. They were the apex predators of Pangea for millions of years, and even fed on early dinosaurs like Coelophysis and Eoraptor. They looked a little like four-legged theropod dinosaurs, and were nearly as fierce. They lived from the Late Permian to the Late Triassic, and were very successful during that time. They most likely went extinct from an asteroid during the Late Triassic Period some 200 million years ago, and that was probably the most important reason as to how the dinosaurs came to rule the Earth.


The Thecodonts were rather diversified, some were more a
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quatic and crocodilian-like, like the 20-foot (6-meter) Rutiodon, while others were like Komodo Dragons on steroids. The smallest of them were only about the size of a cat, while the biggest could grow to be over 7 meters (23 feet) long, larger than nearly any living crocodile! The largest of these reptiles, Saurosuchus, was big enough to eat nearly anything it wanted, including the dicynodont, mammal-like reptile Placerias, which grew to be about 11 feet (3.5 meters) long, and weigh well over a ton. They may have been a brown, gray, or green color to blend into their background and ambush prey easier. Their legs were vertical, and not sprawled like modern reptiles, and they could run much faster than most crocodilians. They had large, reptilian heads with powerful jaws, capable of ripping apart flesh from nearly any prey item. Their tails were long and strong, designed for balancing and not so much swimming like their crocodilian

Some Thecodonts resembled Dinosaurs and were their anchestors.

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