An insectivore is a type of carnivore with a diet that consists chiefly of insects and similar small creatures. An alternate term is entomophage, which also refers to the human practice of eating insects. Amphibians were the first vertebrate insectivores. When they evolved, 400 million years ago, amphibians were piscivores, with numerous sharp conical teeth, not unlike a modern crocodile. The same tooth arrangement is however also suited for eating animals with exoskeletons, thus the ability to eat insects is an extension of piscivory.

Some prehistoric insectivore creatures:

Sample Species Restoration
Coelophyphis bauri Coelophysis
Eoraptor lunensis Eoraptor-lunensis
Archaeopteryx lithographica Archaeopteryx
Morganucodon oehleri Morganucodon
Shuvuuia deserti Shuvuuia deserti
Leptictidium sigei Leptictidium

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