Scientific classification
Kingdom: Bacteria
Genus: Caniacoccus
Type species
Caniacoccus laxol
Ganserr, 1912
Other species
  • C. bahlysemier
  • C. blyrius
  • C. cantimiser
  • C. deaggheri
  • C. hadeus
  • C. strenuis
  • C. tentatis
  • C. xenomorris
  • C. zaspier

Caniacoccus is an extinct genus of bacteria that first appeared in the Middle Hadean, about 4200 million years ago (4.2 ga). The type species, Caniacoccus laxol, was named by Robert Ganserr in 1912. It endured for about 4,135,000 years and it became extinct during the extinction that wiped out the non-avian dinosaurs, the K-T Extinction.