Name Bruhathkayosaurus
Order Saurischia
Suborder Sauropoda
Class Sauropsida
Name Translation Huge Bodied Lizard
Period Late Cretaceous
Location Southern India
Diet Herbivore
Size Length: 28 m (92 ft)

Weight: 90 tons (estimate)

Date of Discovery 1989

Bruhathkayosaurus is a massive sauropod dinosaur from the early Maastrichtian of India. It was one of the largest animals known, and the second largest dinosaur found to date, with a length of 28 meters.


Only the hip and a few leg bones have ever been discovered. Its remains were found in the late 1980's in the southern tip of India in the Kallemedu Formation northeast of Kallamedu village.After it's discovery it was thought to be a theropod dinosaur like Allosaurus. But some scientists told that if it did exist it has to be a titanosaur. However, soon after discovery, these remains were lost to a monsoon. Only the original description and line drawing of the hip and leg bones remain to represent it ever existed at all.


Size estimates

According to the published description, the tibia (shin) of Bruhathkayosaurus is two meters (6.56 feet) long, and the fragmented femur is 75 centimeters (2.46 feet). Due to the lack of skeleton, the length, weight, and height of the creature is mostly speculation, and estimates have varied greatly. No size estimates has ever been published but some estimates have been published in internet. Some paleontologists from Los Angeles in 1996 estimated it's size to be 30 meters. But in 2008, a paleontologist estimated it's size to be 40-44 m but again he said his previous estimation was wrong and the real size was 28–34 m.But the first size estimation was mainly accepted by media and public. It seems to be inferred that Bruathkayosaurus would have had a very bulky build and would have been much heavier than other sauropods.

It's size has been estimated at 28 meters, which is longer than the sauropods like Brachiosaurus. Bruhathkayosaurus was probably the largest dinosaur ever found in India, so far.



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