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Name Brontomerus
Order Saurischia
Class Reptila
Period Middle Cretaceous 110 - 98 million years ago
Diet Herbivore

Brontomerus(from Greek bronte meaning thunder,& meros meaning thigh)is a genus of camarasauromorph sauropod,which lived during the Early Cretaceous(Aptian or Albian age aprroximately 110 million years ago).It was named in 2011 & type species is Brontomerus Mcintoshi.It is a fairly basic camarasauromorph,though the taxon is difficult to resolve due to incompleteness of the material.It is most remarkable for it's unusual hipbones,which would have supported the largest thigh muscles,proportinally,of any sauropod.The specific is in honor of Phyicist & North American sauropod guru John "Jack" Stanton McIntosh.


Brontomerus and baby being attacked by Deinonychus

2880px-Brontomerus mcintoshi

A skeletal restoration of a Brontomerus