The Blue Paul Terrier, also known as the Blue Poll, was a Scottish breed of dog that is now extinct.

The Blue Paul Terrier's origins are disputed but it was once numerous in various parts of Scotland. One story of the Blue Paul Terrier's origins is that John Paul Jones brought them from abroad and when he visited his native town of Kirkcudbright around 1770. The gypsies around the Kirkintilloch district kept Blue Paul Terriers for dog fighting, and they claimed the dogs came from the Galloway coast. A more likely story is a British military officer posted to the Glasgow area brought with him an Irish Blue Terrier bitch from the Earl of Kerry's kennels, when he was reposted he left his bitch with friends who bred her with a white bull and terrier of the Duke of Hamilton's breeding to create the breed. Another story states the breed descend from a bitch named Blue Poll from a village near Newcastle, and that a visiting Scotsman purchased several of her pups and returned with them to his homeland. The Blue Paul Terrier was clearly a bull and terrier cross that was most likely bred from bulldogs and terriers in Scotland with infusions other similar dogs brought from England and Ireland. The breed was very popular in Scotland in the mid 19th century, but it progressively lost popularity and is believed to have become extinct in the early 20th century.

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