Beishanlong (Chinese for "Beishan dragon"); pronounced BAY-shan-long lived in China during the Early Cretaceous (125 million years ago) and was about 3 m long. It was omnivorous and had long tail and legs. One of the latest Deinocherid ("terrible hand") dinosaurs to join the prehistoric flock, Beishanlong was also one of the largest, at 10 feet tall and close to a ton exceeding even the famous Gallimimus in size. Besides its presumed speed (a trait shared by all ornithomimids), Beishanlong was also equipped with unusually powerful front limbs and hands, as well as scary, six-inch-long claws. Ominously, the paleontologists who discovered the sole specimen of Beishanlong (in 2009) speculate that it was still a juvenile when it died, meaning that this breed may have attained truly gigantic sizes.

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