Barsboldia (named for Mongolian paleontologist Rinchen Barsbold in 1981) is a Saurolophine hadrosaur from Late Cretaceous Mongolia. It was about 32.8 feet (10 meters) in length, 13 feet in height, and weighed about as much as a Rhinoceros. It is only known from a rear half of its skeleton.

JPI Barsboldia


The rear half of its skeleton doesn’t tell us what the crest was like, or if it even had a crest. Like other Hadrosaurs, they could have congregated in large groups, and possibly mixed Herds, and coexisted with Velociraptor. Though, they may have not get attacked due to their size, but there were still some predators out there that would possibly eat them, such as Alioramus and Achillobator.



Barsboldia lived with many other Late Cretaceous Dinosaurs like Homalocephale. It could have went in and mixed herds with the well-known Parasaurolophus and like all Hadrosaurids, they always use safety in numbers.


Barsboldia may have fed on ferns around it and may have been able to reach some leaves on a tree. It could have ate some shrubs and may have rarely eaten small animals for protein. Leaves and grasses are also Protein sources, but are in very small bits so thats the reason why herbivores take so much time eating.

Crest Functions[]

This hadrosaur may or may not have had a crest, but if it did, the functions for it may be like many other hadrosaurs. Either for temperature regulation, display, or for alerting its herd when danger has been detected. It may also have been a good battle weapon, but theres a high chance of any of them not knowing how to do so.


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