Template:Infobox MammalArctocyon ('bear dog') is an extinct genus of condylarth mammals. The jackal-sized creature was plantigrade, that is, it walked on the soles of its feet, like a bear. Although probably mainly terrestrial, it is possible that it also climbed trees. Arctocyon was probably an omnivore.

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Arctocyon was a member of the bear dog family from the Late Paleocene-Early Eocene of North America and were medium and large sized and is likely to have been a very powerful hunter, possibly an ambusher. In the early Paleogene, the niche of large carnivores, mostly empty, and at different times from different groups of archaic mammals have made more or less successeful attempts to take them. Arctocyon is one of such attempts.. Cheek teeth of these ancient ungulates had flattened crowns, suggesting that for them, rather than meat and the omnivorous diet. However, in many ways it can be assumed that over time some Arctocyonids increasingly began to get vegetarian, in parallel increasing in size. In the second half of the Paleocene. Arctocyon, for example, has already reached the size of wolves and even small bears.