Apatoraptor pennatus

Apatoraptor ("deceptive robber") is a genus of oviraptorid dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous of Alberta, Canada. It was discovered in 1993, but it was only officially described in 2016. Its name comes from Apaté, the Greek goddess of deceit. It was originally believed to be an unimportant ornithomimid specimen. However, later research revealed that it was a new species of oviraptorid. It is believed to have been a piscivore, wading in the water to catch fish to eat. It is also believed to eat aquatic plants. Apatoraptor was found to have muscles on its arms that could move its arm feathers. It is likely that this was used to help the dinosaur attract mates. The specific name means "feathered" in Latin, referring to the find of quill knobs on the ulna, showing the animal had wings.