Apatorhamphus joshua-tedder

Apatoramphus ("Deceptive beak") is a genus of possible chaoyangopterid azhdarchoid pterosaur from the Early to Late Cretaceous Kem Kem Beds of Morocco. It is known from several beak fragments, with its name referring to the difficulty in determining wether the type specimen was an upper jaw or a lower jaw. Several previously discovered fossils have been referred to the genus, including snout fragments that had previously been assigned to an indeterminate pteranodontid, an indeterminate non-azhdarchid azhdarchoid, an indeterminate nyctosaurid, an indeterminate dsungaripterid, and the contemporary Alanqa. It is the first genus of pterosaur described in the 2020.

Apatoramphus gyrostega

Discovery and naming

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