Ambiortus dementjevi by cefal27 dd1xp9b-fullview

Ambiortus is an advanced short-tailed Avialian from the Barremian age of Cretaceous (130-120 ma) in the Andaikhudag Formation in Mongolia. Its Translates to "Beginning" due to it's mixture of primitive and advanced features. it was discovered by Yevgeny Kurochikn in 1982.

Discovery and Naming[]

Ambiortus was one of the first Early Cretaceous Ornithuromorph discovered. there is currently only one specimen, Ambiortus demetjevi. (Vallicating Beginning) the holotype is well preserved and artculated, Preserving most of the vertebrae, Girdle and wing, it posesses features derived traits, like a curved scapula.


Ambiortus has had many differing opinions on it's placement with other birds, however it's precise location within this group is subject to debate, having been grouped with Ratites and Ichthyornithines. later studies determined that it had more basal traits than Yanornis, but was more derived than Hongshanornis showing it was a member of the Euornithines.