Altispinax, known from a single tooth though multiple fragmentary pieces show it to have a sail It was traditionally thought to be a spinosaurid or megalosaurid it is now thought to be similar to Acrocanthosaurus although most is unknown about the Altispinax as the only reliable fossil is the original tooth.

Paul in 1988 tentatively estimated that Altispinax weighed one tonne and was likely shorter than Acrocanthosaurus atokensis, itself by him estimated at the time as eight to nine metres (26 ft) long. [1]

Whatsorver; The three A. dunkeri vertebrae from Sussex have about thirty-five centimetres high neural spines or processus spinosi, about as relatively tall as those of Ichthyovenator [2]

The discovery of a back crest incorporating only two high vertebrae in Concavenator, in 2010 provided corroboration that the short anterior Altispinax spine may be complete [3]

Originally described as a species of Megalosaurus in‭ ‬1884,‭ ‬Friedrich von Huene renamed the fossils of teeth and vertebrae to Altispinax in‭ ‬1923

In the Media

  • Altispinax appears in the John Brosnan's novel Carnosaur. Like all dinosaurs in the novel, Altispinax was created by Lord Darren Penward which has found dinosaur DNA fragments in fossils and has used them as a basis for restructuring the DNA of chickens. There is almost no physical infomation about this dinosaur. After it´s escape, it killed a local farmer and his cattle and was killed by a army helicopter.
  • Altispinax appeared in the video game Fossil Fighters.


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