Adventures in Dinosaur City

Adventures in Dinosaur City is a outdated unpopular 1991 television film directed by Brett Thompson.


The story involves a trio of teenagers, named Timmy, Jamie and Mick, who enjoy watching their favorite TV show which features anthropomorphic dinosaurs. Wanting to watch it on a better screen, Timmy, the youngest of the three, suggests that they try watching it on his father's screen in his laboratory. The moment they turn it on, a vortex sucks the three into the TV screen, and into their favorite show. Upon entering the new world, the trio comes across a flightless Dimorphodon named Forry. Although reluctant at first to help them, his knowledge of Dinosaur City proves useful, as he guides the three to Tar Town, where they join up with Rex the Tyrannosaurus and Tops the Protoceratops, two dinosaur freedom fighters willing to ignite a revolution against the villain, Mr. Big, and his caveman henchmen, "The Rockies".


  • Omri Katz as Timmy
  • Tiffanie Poston as Jamie
  • Shawn Hoffman as Mick
  • Pete Koch as Link
  • Megan Hughes as Missy
  • Don Barnes as King
  • Paul Eiding as King (voice)
  • Kimberly Beck as Chanteuse
  • Tony Doyle as Rex
  • R. A. Mihailoff as Mr. Big
  • Patrick Labyorteaux as Rex (voice) / Mr. Big (voice)
  • Marc Martorana as Tops
  • David Jolliffe as Tops (voice)
  • Irwin Keyes as Guard #1
  • Barney Burman as Guard #2
  • David Winter as Guard #3
  • Sebastian Massa as Bear
  • Mimi Maynard as Dana
  • Steven Anderson as Gil
  • Rob Sherwood as Forry (voice)
  • Spike Miller as Bartender (voice)
  • Kevin Thompson as Mr. Small



  • The Dinosaur Characters were created & designed by John Criswell. Who also worked on the Jim Henson TV Show Dinosaurs.
  • The Heroic Theme Song from the Cartoon version is similar to that of the 1960S Heroic cartoon series UnderDog.