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A Dinosaur's Tale is a 1993 Sega Genesis action video game that is based on the Steven Spielberg animated feature, We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story. It was only released in North America.

Hi Tech Expressions also released different games based on the film for other platforms. Visual Concepts developed an SNES/DOS title and Beam Software developed a Game Boy title (known in Australia as Agro Soar and in Europe as Bamse and Baby T-Rex.).


Players have to negotiate their way through several levels for a chance to defeat Dr. Screweyes. Either Cecilia or Louie must help the dinosaurs through modern-day obstacles such as a circus that wants them as a sideshow exhibit and other freaks that are lying in wait around New York City.[1]

Both human characters have the same abilities. Items can be purchased through a pause menu that can help the player; balloon-type objects called wish bubbles that emerge from defeated enemies serves as the in-game currency. These items either restore health, provide additional attacking power or simply grant an extra life.[2]

Levels with isometric graphics allow the player to control a skateboarding dinosaur; either Rex or Elsa who must collect balloons on their adventures.[1] A combination of traditional video game sprites and isometric polygons play a role in successfully flying a Pterodactyl through Central Park and helping a Tyrannosaurus Rex use a pickup truck as an improvised skateboard through downtown Manhattan.[2]